“Set your aim for the Way, hold onto your integrity, rely on your humaneness, and get your share of play in the arts.”


Aletheia can be literally translated from ancient Greek to mean “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” It stands in contrast to lethe which means “oblivion” or “concealment.” Aletheia Acupuncture aims to bring the obscure or hidden aspects of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and mantic arts to clarity through investigation and direct experience

This holistic medicine focuses on these major treatment methods: exercise (taiji and qi gong), diet, massage, herbal medicine, and acupuncture. Coupled with this is a mature philosophy that enables discussion and contemplation of the myriad phenomena of existence. The guidance and advice is best experienced when integrated into daily life, and contemplated deeply and regularly.

Ultimately, this tradition is best engaged with as living process and not an impotent intellectual toy. So, I invite you to contact with me and determine the best way that I can offer my knowledge and skill. As a famous Sufi parable states: “Close the shop of argument and mystery and open the teahouse of experience!”

My Story

I started my studies of acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2014 when I started apprenticing with my taiji chuan teacher. Three years later, I decided to pursue the Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University and graduated in 2020. While in school, I continued to apprentice and study taiji chuan.

I am also currently researching the effects of herbs on the lipoxygenase family of enzymes, and the effect of herbs on platelet aggregation pathways under the guidance of Dr. Holman at UC Santa Cruz.